xbFilms Changelog


v1.1.1.2 11th August 2023

XSS vulnerability and reviews view bug fixed

v1.1.1 29th March 2023 release 

Minor changes:

  • improved layouts in films details list and film view


  • errors in people/chars/groups views if xbBooks not installed

v1.1.0 19th Feb 2023 release 

New Features:

  • modal previews of related content in all views (click the eyecon )
  • new reviews list view on site (simpler alternative to blog view)
  • new book list details view (replaces one-column list view)

 Improvement layouts to single Film and Review views

v1.0.3 7th Jan 2023 release 

New features

  • Admin previews from list and edit views

Improvements to Dashboard view. Preparation for adding people groups to fils (available in admin but not yet in site views). Links to xbEvents component (currently in Alpha)

v1.0.0 12th Dec 2022 release version as per v0.12.0.1

v0.12.0.1 12th Dec 2022

  • removed ext link hint option (see blog)
  • legacy files deleted on upgrade
  • many minor bugs fixed


  • Missing Language strings added (still some hard-coded english in code)
  • People & Chars configs moved to xbPeople


  • shared custom fields moved to xbPeople
  • updated models and layouts with code improvements
  • improved category selection by partial hierarchy
  • improved tag selection, tag grouping
  • bug with modal height interfering with other extensions fixed


v0.9.9.9 : 9th November 2022

new features:

  • New text field for films tech_notes
  • Option to allow no-name for reviewer
  • Site list views using summary/detail rather than mouseover popups
  • Sample categories moved to subcategories of Imported category
  • Default categories for Films and Reviews created on on install (not on update)
  • Film dates changed to be first/last seen with unread books having both dates null and presented at end of list. 

Bug fixes and code tidys

  • shared functions moved from xbFilmsHelper to xbCultureHelper in xbPeople
  • film_sound, camera_format and aspect_ratio fields changed from combo to fixed list for data entry - use tech_notes field for supplementary info.
  • first_read and last_read correctly updating with reviews
  • tag and category path display improved
  • various format and layout improvements for consistency between views
  • first/last read dates now date only rather than datetime (database change)
  • fixed error in tag counts on admin tags view
  • tag filter code improved