xbCulture Recent Module v0.1.2 
29th April 2021 

xbCulture Recent is a module to display a list of the most recently reviewed or added items in any of the main xbCulture components (currently xbBooks and xbFilms). 

xbCulture List module v0.1.2 
9th May 2021 

xbCulture List is a module to display a list of up to 50 items from either xbFilms or xbBooks with many flexible configuration options 

xbCulture Random Images module v0.1.2 
9th May 2021 

xbCulture Random Images is a module to display random selection of poster and cover images from xbFilms and/or xbBooks. 

xbbooks bookThe xbCulture is a family of closely related Joomla Component Extensions which are designed to keep a record or catalogue of artistic/creative/cultural works,

The primary intended users are individuals, like myself, who wish to keep a record of books, films, plays, gigs, exhibitions and similar events that they have experienced.

There are initially three core components and a common supporting component in the family, although there are ideas for extending it into further areas;

  • xbBooks - as the name implies is for a catalogue of books of all sorts.
  • xbFilms - not surprisingly is for movies, although it can also handle series, tv shows and box-sets
  • xbGigs - is for live music performance, and spoken word and comedy - IN DEVELOPMENT
  • xbPeople - a support component bundled in the packages for the above, provides tools for managing a common database of people and characters as well common styles, language and code across the components.

A set Modules to display short information about the datasets is in development. These include:

Coming dreckly

  • Search titles/names across xbCulture items
  • Top/bottom rated
  • Popular People
  • Common Characters


com_xbfilms v0.9.5
9th May 2021  

xbfilms filmsxbFilms is an xbCulture family component for cataloguing films you have seen and reviews of them. Version 0.9.5 is the current release for inclusion on JED.

It has been developed in parallel with xbBooks to replace an old paper diary and spreadsheet of films seen by myself.

xbFilms is installed as a package containing two components - com_xbfilms and a supporting component, com_xbpeople, for administration of people and characters which are common to all xbCulture components.

The primary intended user is someone wanting to keep a record of films they have seen with a reminder of the plot and what their reaction was.  

29th April 2021  

xbPeople provides a relational database of people and characters ho are associated with films or books catalogued by xbFilms and xbBooks components

xbPeople has no site (front-end) views and is not much use without one or more of the primary xbCulture components. On the other hand the primary components do not ork unless xbPeople is present, so it is normally installed as a package with a primary component.