plg_content_xbautosave v3.0.0 
14th September 2021 J3  

The Joomla content plugin xbAutosave allows for timed automatic saving of work whilst editing an article or triggering a save with Ctrl+s or Cmd+s keystroke. 

The autosave interval can be set in seconds (minimum 30sec) and timed save and keystroke save can be enabled separately. 

Autosave only works on the backend (admin) site and only when editing an article (com_content). It is disabled on a new article until you have saved manually to give you a chance to set category, status, access etc before your work-in-progress gets automatically revealed to the world!


Although the plugin attempts to trap Cmd+S keystroke when using a Mac this usually doesn't work with the current default configuration of TinyMCE in Joomla 3.9.1
This is probably a bug in the Joomla custom TinyMCE package. Joomla TinyMCE usually crashes out of the article editor page when Cmd+S is pressed causing you to loose all your work. If AutoSave is installed then occasionally Cmd+S will save your work, but mostly it still fails. Very annoying but beyond my understanding to fix.

Meanwhile at least AutoSave will mean you only loose the last 30 seconds or so.

Autosave is based on the plugin CtrlS by Chupurnov Valeriy. This hasn't been updated since 2015 and had several problems and bugs. I think I've cleaned up most of them.

 Joomla 4 modifications courtesy of Pascal Leconte - chapeau! and many thanks.

NB If you are still on a Joomla version below 3.9.x then do not install the v3.x of xbAutosave. Use v2.0.1 which is available here



Improvements and bug fixes

  1. Enable temporary disable of autosave whilst editing
  2. Enable use with other components as well as com_content

Possible New features

  1. open to suggestions. Raise an issue on GitHub 


xbAutosave Changelog