plg_button_tippopbtn v1.2.0.1 
4th January 2019  J3

The Joomla editor extension plugin TipPop Button provides a quick and easy way of inserting Tooltips and Popovers using Bootstrap. Clicking the button brings up a dialogue that allows you to set the text and various parameters for the tip or pop. If you have text selected in the editor the tip will we wrapped around it, or you can enter the text in the dialogue. 


You do need to be using a template that loads bootstrap, and you will probably have to add the script needed to trigger the tooltip and popover actions. You will also want to add some css to style the tips and pops to match your site. Examples are given on the Tip-Pop Documentation page. Sample files are included which require simple one line additions to the template index.php file

The plugin options page allows you to set the selector classes recognised by bootstrap (required), default style classes for tips & pops  and default styles for the content text that triggers the tip or pop.

When using the button to insert a tip or pop into an article you can specify whether to use a tooltip or a popover, the way it will be triggered - hovering the pointer over the text, clicking on the text and clicking again to dismiss it, or shown while the text has the focus by tabbing or clicking on it and then tabbing or clicking elsewhere. The focus option can apply to tooltips as well as popovers.

You can either specify the text to be used for the trigger, or if you have already selected text in the editor that will be used as the trigger text (TinyMCE and JCE tested).

You can also override the defaults or add additional classes for the styling of both the trigger text and the content text of the tooltip or popover.

Simple formatting html can be included in both the tooltip and popover title and body, but complex tags are likely to get garbled by the editor.


Improvements and bug fixes

  1. DONE v1.1 Improvements to layout and logic of options and settings
  2. DONE v1.2 Provide default stylesheet and selector javascript for optional install
  3. Option to reveal and edit existing tip-pops content
  4. Integration with next version of xbElement Content plugin
  5. Add auto placement option (when Joomla bug fixed)
  6. Provide additional content/system plugin to automatically use stylesheet and selectors as defined.

Possible New features

  1. use text from tags and description as alternative to entering explicit text
  2. open to suggestions



v1.2.0.1 4th Jan 2019
( only existed for about 30mins and had a major bug which was immediately fixed for
Much tidying of code
Selection now working correctly with both editors and multiple instances on page
Improvements to layout of Options and Settings page
Added facility to have image tooltip
Added sample css file and js file for installing in template
v1.1.0.0 28th Dec 2018
First release for submission to JED
Many bug fixes and improvements
Much legacy code updated - will probably only fully work with J3.9+
Tested and working with JCE and TinyMCE editors
CodeMirror editor will replace rather then wrap around selected text
v1.0.0.0 22nd Dec 2018
    First beta release