xbRefs Plugins Package contains two plugins - xbRefs - Content and xbRefs - Button - which form a replacement (with many improvements) for the previous xbFootnoteTag package. 
xbRefs - Button is and editors-xtd plugin which adds a button (on the admin site only) to TinyMCE or JCE editors to insert a shortcode {​xbref...}  for a reference footnote or popover.
Of course you can also insert the shortcode manually, but the button enables you to easily select a tag to use for the citation, enter text, choose whether to generate a popover or footnote, whether to trigger the popover on hover or focus, set the footnote number, and also will highlight the shortcode in the editor to make it clearly visible.
xbRefs - Content is a plugin that processes article text before display and replaces any  {​xbref...}  shortcodes with the appropriate content - inserting popovers and footnotes as required.
xbRefs Pulgins Package v2.1.1
24th April 2022  J3

plg_content_xbautosave v3.0.0 
14th September 2021 J3  

The Joomla content plugin xbAutosave allows for timed automatic saving of work whilst editing an article or triggering a save with Ctrl+s or Cmd+s keystroke. 

The autosave interval can be set in seconds (minimum 30sec) and timed save and keystroke save can be enabled separately. 

Autosave only works on the backend (admin) site and only when editing an article (com_content). It is disabled on a new article until you have saved manually to give you a chance to set category, status, access etc before your work-in-progress gets automatically revealed to the world!

pkg_xbfootnotetag v1.2.0 
27th January 2022  J3

xbFootnoteTag plugins are now withdrawn and replaced by xbRefs.

If you have xbFootnoteTag installed and in use please follow the following simple steps to upgrade:

  1. If you don't mind loosing all your existing {​xbref...} shortcodes then simply uninstall xbFootnoteTag package and install xbRefs.
  2. If you wish to preserve existing references then first update to the final version (v1.2.0) of xbFoototeTag. (link above)
    1. On the xbFootnoteTag Content plugin options there is a new option to not remove shortcodes on uninstall. Make sure this is set and save the options
    2. It is now safe to uninstall xbFootnoteTag - your shortcodes will be visible on the site pages until you install and enable the xbRefs Plugins package
    3. Install xbRefs Plugins package
    4. Check and save the options for both plugins and enable them. (there are some new and changed options so pay attention!)
  3. That's all

 xbRefs Plugins have several bug fixes and minor enhancements from xbFootnoteTag v1.0.1 in the initial v1.9.0, xbRefs v2.0 will be available soon with further new feature and a new component - xbRefMan - is in development to provide admin tools for managing references and simple site views listing all references in articles. See the xbRefMan article for proposed details.

pkg_plugins_xbrefs v1.9.0 
27th January 2022  J3

xbFootnoteTag was originally created to assist with creating and maintaining references, or other recurring snippets of information in articles. As well as generating conventional footnotes (linked by either a number or a citation title) since we are in a hypertext environment it makes sense to provide an option to have the reference appear as a popover either instead of or as well as a footnote (footnotes work better if the article gets printed).

plg_system_xbtruncstring v1.0.0.0 
23rd June 2019  J3

Joomla JHtml::string.truncate() function has a couple of minor but annoying bugs. See previous article TruncString Bugs and blog post for details. The new System Plugin xbTruncString provides an override for only this function rather than having to override the entire string.php library code (eg by using the mvcoverride plugin) and then maintain it when any part is updated in the core. 

Function declaration:

public static function truncate($text, $length = 0, $noSplit = true, $allowHtml = true)

plg_button_tippopbtn v1.2.0.1 
4th January 2019  J3

The Joomla editor extension plugin TipPop Button provides a quick and easy way of inserting Tooltips and Popovers using Bootstrap. Clicking the button brings up a dialogue that allows you to set the text and various parameters for the tip or pop. If you have text selected in the editor the tip will we wrapped around it, or you can enter the text in the dialogue. 

plg_button_elembtn v1.2.0.0 
8th December 2018 J3

The Joomla plugin Element Button (elembtn for short) provides a quick and easy way of inserting elements into an article without having to remember the detailed syntax. 

Once enabled a new button appears in the TinyMCE editor.