If you wish to remove the credit line at the foot of all xbCulture components pages then you can simply buy me a beer. Lets say £4 for a pint of good real ale and you'll get a code to enter on the xbPeople component Options page which will get rid of the footer on all xbCulture component pages for all sites so long as you have xbPeople installed. (If you accidentally remove it, simply re-installed and reenter the same phrase.

Best way to buy me a beer is simply to pay for it on PayPal (with a card if you don't have a PayPal account of your own). Use the button below.

Alternatively you could hack the code to manually remove the offending items - it shouldn't be difficult but it will probably take more than four pounds worth of your time (that's less than half an hour at minimum wage - you could do it in that time if you know what you are doing) and anyway if you like the components enough to want to remove the credit then I trust that you are honest and will do the right thing... click the button above.