30th July 2022  J3

xbPeople provides a relational database of people and characters ho are associated with films or books catalogued by xbFilms and xbBooks components


Documentation  Demo PagesPeople may be directors,cast,crew, or real people appearing in the film. One person may have several roles in different items. A distinction is made between real people and fictional characters.

People and characters are shared across all xbCulture components. A film director may also write a book, appear in films as an actor, play banjo in a band, and be the subject of a biography. 

The standard Joomla Category and Tagging facilities are available for people and characters


Improvements and bug fixes

  1. v1.0 - All text in language files
  2. v2.0 - Joomla 4 compatible version
  3. v4.0 - Joomla 4 native version

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Possible New features

  1. Front-end views DONE

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