xbRefs-Button Plugin Changelog

v2.1.1 : 24th April 2022. 

  • minor bugfixes if com_weblinks not installed

v2.1.0 : 31st March 2022. xbRefMan Compatibility

  • fixed php warnings for deprecated code
  • changes to options and parameter names for clarity.
    Check and re-save options after upgrading.

v2.0.0 : 10th February 2022 MAIN RELEASE

  • language strings tied up
  • hide links tab in dialog if WebLinks component not installed

v1.9.9.7 : 4th February 2022

  • Major improvements to modalform layout
  • Weblinks link= added to modal form
  • Weblinks filtering by tag in options
  • xbref-here insert added to modal form

v1.9.9.2 : 27th January 2022
  - reinstated trig= option
  - improved form layout

v1.9.0.2 : 28th January 2022
  - fixed bug with shortcode highlighting not working

: 27th January 2022
 - Initial release as per xbFootnoteTag v1.2.0 with naming changed