xbPeople Changelog

v1.1.1 29th Feb 2023 release 


  • film and book counts confused in people/person views
  • item lists not showing in chars view

v1.1.0 19th Feb 2023 release 

New Features:

  • modal previews of related content in all views (click the eyecon )

 Improvement layouts to single item views

v1.0.1.2 7th Jan 2023 release 

New Features

  • Groups of people. Largely for xbEvents (eg music/theatre groups) but also can be added to films & books
  • Admin previews of items from list and edit view.

Improvements to Dashboard layout and many minor bugs/niggles fixed

v1.0.0 12th Dec 2022 release version as per v0.12.0.1

v0.12.0.1 12th Dec 2022

  • removed ext link hint option (see blog)

  • error catching on all db execute


  • filter characters by tag

  • Missing Langauage strings added (still some hard-coded english in code)

  • improved tag selection, tag grouping


  • improved category selection by partial hierarchy

v0.9.9.9 : 9th November 2022

New features

  • Default categories for People and Characters created on installation (not on update)
  • Test if options have been saved on opening Dashboard
  • Filter by Nationality and Role added for people list

 fixes and code tidys

  • Reversed logic of save data on uninstall - now defaults to do not save 
  • various format and layout improvements for consistency between components