TBR4P 2021

with 250 cyclists over 4 days from Bristol to London via Swindon, Oxford and Luton.

Map showing 4 GPS tracks recorded on the ride. Note that the track statistics, seen if you click a track or its endpoints, are a bit mad for elevation and speed. This is a quirk of the recording device settings conflicting with the algorithm used by leaflet gpx plugin to calculate elevation gain. 

The map auto-fits to the tracks. Also showing markers for the lunch stops each day illustrating the different marker types available.

TBR4P 2021

Overview of The Big Ride for Palestine 2021



  •    Lunch Day 1 
    w3w: ///magnum.frog.rationed
  •    Lunch Day 2 
    w3w: ///shredding.patio.fired
  •    Lunch in a Rainstorm 
    w3w: ///record.towns.gravel
  •    The Last Lunch 
    w3w: ///lime.bucks.crab