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The Book With Everything  
the one that has it all

Author : Mister Jones 

Published: 2000

This book has all possible fields filled in, including 2 authors and an editor (must be an anthology).

Synopsis 206 words

Wed 31 Mar 2021



The Wolf Border  

Author : Sarah Hall 

Published: 2015

Synopsis extract: Woman working as an ecologist & conservationist with Wolves in Idaho Reservation gets involved in a re-wilding project in Cumbria.

Synopsis 20 words

Sun 5 Apr 2020



Single & Single  

Author : John le Carre 

Published: 2000

Synopsis extract: Organised crime from Russia and Turkey meets HM Customs via a defector from the bank that cleans their money. ...

Synopsis 28 words

Wed 25 Jul 2018



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