Preview - xbEdHideLight Package Alpha

v0.2.0.2 available for download and test. The package contains a content plugin and and two editor buttons. The buttons hide or highlight text in the editor WYSISYG view, while to content plugin removes the highlights and allows the content to be processed for front-end display.

Remove clutter whilst editing or mark content that you need to revise later without affecting the published articles.

NEW - xbFootnoteTag Package Release

v1.0.1 now available. The package contains a content plugin and and editor button. The button inserts and {xbref...} shortcode and the plugin converts the specified tag description into either or both a popover or a footnote.

So collect all your references for your site into tags and then you can use them as footnotes in any article. Or use it for definitions and acronyms - define them once and add in any article. Plus many other features.

Out Now - xbTruncString Plugin

Finally got around to packaging up the fixes to the string truncate core function that I have been using on one site so that I can easily deploy them elsewhere. Its a system plugin that hooks in to replace the reference to the broken core JHtmlString::truncate() function. See here


After a hiatus whilst other aspects of life came to the fore, I am back developing a new ideas for a Joomla Extension Package - way of using tags to simplify the management and insertion of citations/references/footnotes etc. This involves a new editor button and content plugin package, an update to xbTipPop plugin and some new features for xbArtMan.

More details coming dreckly.

xbAutoSave vital bug fix -> v2.0.0.3  (v2.0.0.2 broken) 17th February