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xbEdHideLight  package contains a content plugin and two editor buttons. The buttons wrap spans around selected text to hide or highlight the content of the span and the content plugin strips out these spans before display on the front-end allowing. The xbEdHideLight content needs to run before any other content plugin which is processing shortcodes that have been hidden or highlighted - be sure to set the ordering of content plugins to move xbEdHideLight up the list as required. 

Use case examples

  • you are using plugins which generate quite large shortcodes with lots of parameters and you find them cluttering up the text you are editing
    • use xbEdHide button to hide the shortcode in the WYSIWYG editor view. It will automatically highlight any text between the opening and closing shortcode tags to alert you to the fact that a shortcod is there but hidden.
  • you simply want to be able to easily see any shortcode tags in the run of text for a long article
    • use xbEdLight button to highlight the shortcode in the editor view
  • you want to be able to mark some text as needing attention (revising or updating), but don't have time or means to do it right now - or want another author to find and make the revision - without having to un-publish the current version
    • use xbEdLight button to highlight the section needing rewriting so you can easily find it again once you have got the right info and the time to do it.


Always install the complete package, even if you don't plan to use one of the buttons. Never attempt to uninstall or update one of the three extensions on its own - this is likely to leave errors in your articles which you will then have to manually find and edit.

After installation you must enable (publish) the content plugin xbEdHideLight before you can use either of the buttons. You do not have to enable both buttons if you do not want to use them both. If you only want to highlight text in the editor then just enable xbEdLight button, if you only want to hide shortcodes in the editor then just enable xbEdHide button.


All of the parameters for both buttons and the content plugin are found under the Content Plugin options.


The content plugin simply does its work in the background. It scans the article being prepared for any spans with the xb and removes them.

To use either of the buttons you need to have selected the relevant text in the editor view so the button knows what to work on.

The xbEdHide button has three modes of operation. 

The xbEdLight button will sim


The individual extensions are locked from being uninstalled separately from the whole package. When you uninstall the package it attempts to scan through all articles looking for spans with the class xb and removes them leaving the content. This will work ok so long as the <span class="xb " is intact exactly as it was created by the button. 

The uninstall routine presents you with a list of all the pages it has amended in this way with links to go and check that they are ok - always worth making a quick check in case of unexpected problems. The links open in a new window, but if you are concerned copy the list to a safe place so you can check it later.