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The Peerage website created by Darryl Lundy of New Zealand General Sir Michael Creagh married Elizabeth Osborne, daughter of Rt. Hon. Charles Osborne and Alicia Christmas, on 1 January 1823.1 He died on 14 September 1860.1
     He was invested as a Knight, Hanoverian Order (K.H.).1 2013-11-27

The New Monthly Magazine and Literary Journal, Part 3. p464 dated Oct 1 1832

APPOINTMENTS PROMOTIONS &c The King has been pleased to confer the honour of Knighthood upon Lieutenant Colonel Michael Creagh of the Sfith or Royal County Down regiment Military Companion of the Royal Hanoverian Guelphic Order Search Link in Google Books online 2013-11-27
London Gazette issue 18907 p415 86th Foot, Lieutenant-Colonel Michael Creagh, from the 4th Regiment, to be Lieutenant-Colonel,  without purchase,vice Mallet, deceased. Dated 24th February 1832.  London-Gazette online  2013-11-28
Book "The Strange Case of the Broad Street Pump" by Sandra Hempel, 2006, Uni.of.California Press

Several references starting p57:

(Nov 1831) This time, however, the Lords of th Privy Council appeared fairly sure that the knew the answer already, for hard on Daun's heels came the redoubtable Lieutenant-Colonel Michael Creagh, later Sir Michael. Creagh's orders were clear and his resolution firm. As soon as the officer set foot in town he sought out Dr.Clanny, and then, after crashing in on Kell and Daun as the latter was finishing his breakfast at Kell's lodgings, announced an immediate fifteen day quarantine on all vessels leaving the Wear for domestic ports, enforcing his proclamation by stationing a warship just offshore in case anyone was in any doubt about the matter.

Search link in Google Books online 2013-11-28
web article "Cholera Comes to Britain, Oct 1831" On 1 November. Clanny called a meeting of the Board's medical department; the doctors and surgeons finally accepted that cholera has struck. Dr Daun, a medical officer from London was sent to initiate a fifteen-day quarantine enforced by a frigate in the harbour. This was supposed to prevent ships from arriving or leaving the harbour. The Privy Council sent Lieutenant-Colonel Michael Creagh to see that the quarantine was enforced. The resulting decline in trade caused a great deal of resentment among businessmen. An 'anti-cholera party' was formed of local businessmen and leading citizens to discredit the cholera talk.  
Wikisource quoting supplement to Dictionary of National Biography article on William Creagh (MC's 2nd son) He [William] came of an old Roman catholic family, and his father [Michael], who entered the army at the age of fourteen, saw much service with the 86th regiment, and was at his death in 1860 colonel commandant of the 73rd regiment; he was the first to become a protestant. wikisource  

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